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Disclaimers:  This is only a single case and I only stating the clinical findings and outcome of this case. I am not purporting anything beyond that.

Patient’s/parental consent to this case study was obtained and is on file.

Key Words: Atlas adjustment, Strep throat, Fever, Otitis media (ear infection), tracheal constriction, fevers.


Patient has been brought to the emergency room on a number of occasions with fevers difficulty in breathing and ear infections. Treatment consisted of amoxicillin cortisol and other medications. They seem to work, yet for only a short time period.

The patient was a twenty one month old male with chief complaints of strep throat, ear infections, a history of fevers and difficulty in breathing.  The patient was presented with a strep throat on his initial visit. By age of twenty one months he had four ear infections, four to five fevers ranging up to 103.8 degrees that lasted up to three days.  He also had difficulty in breathing due to his throat being constricted.


The child’s delivery lasted twenty four hours which ended in Caesarian Section. At six months of age, while at a day care center the baby was dropped off a table onto a concrete floor.  He was taken to the emergency room for that injury.  It was noted after that injury that the baby would begin to repeatedly hit his head against a wall. The child’s pediatrician noted the child was behind in speech development. The child has not slept a solid night through as of 3/12/14, typically wakes up between 1-3:00 AM.


A supine leg length shows a difference of a quarter inch with the left side being shorter.  Scanning of the upper cervical aspect of the child’s neck revealed a tender nodule at C-2 on the left. Leg length became balance with a challenge (stroking the vertebrae in a corrective motion) to the atlas of ASLP.

X-rays confirmed the listing.

The patient was diagnosed with cervical subluxation of C-1, ICD 839.01.

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