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We value our patients' experience at Chiropractic First!. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Patrick Gallagher
Your Goldsboro Chiropractor

Testimonial from Caroline Johnson:


Medications only mask the pain, proper care treats the pain!

January 21, 2014

In the year of 1998 I started having severe headaches, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and migraines. These problems persisted, with no relief, until the spring of 2003 it was discovered that I had an Arnold Chiaria Malformation. I had been under the doctors care all this time taking a lot of strong drugs and medications. I even went to a chiropractor with very little and limited relief. Any relief I received was only temporary. I started going to the Pain Clinic having trigger point injections that only lasted a few weeks. It wasn't until Dr. Richard Long, at the Pain Clinic, got a copy of my X-rays and MRI that he saw the malformation. I was then referred to Chapel Hill Memorial where Dr. Estrada Bernard also did a spinal fluid flow study and discovered that because of the Chiaria the spinal fluid was not flowing as it should and he advised surgery. On July 8, 2003 I was admitted to Chapel Hill Memorial and surgery was done.

All my headaches disappeared but the neck and back pain returned once the nerves started back charging. This pain intensified and I returned to my original doctor for advice. He advised that I return to the Pain Clinic for more treatment and pain management. This went on for months, then into years with no satisfactory results. Finally, in 2005, I went back to my neurological surgeon and he felt I need a Cervical Fusion because of a degenerative disc. Because of the pain I was constantly in, I agreed and that was done. Much to my regret, the pain returned once all the drugs and anesthesia wore off. I felt as if I was right back where I started from.

After much suffering, I returned to the Pain Clinic for more trigger point injections and treatment. By this time I was in a deep depression and felt like my world was coming to an end. I knew something had to be done because my family was too important to me to just give in and give up. I started seeing a therapist, which helped with my depression and anxiety. With everything that was going on with me and the constant pain I was prescribed more drugs, very strong drugs. I had been taking muscle relaxers prior to the cervical fusion and that continued, additionally I was given Morphine, Oxycodone Codeine, Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, and additional heavy narcotics and muscle relaxers. The names of these drugs are not the issue, the issue is I was not getting better, only masking the pain over and over each day. I started having therapeutic messages weekly, this continues even until now. This gives me some relief and enables me to function more than a day or two.

It was not until October 2014 that I was introduced to Dr. Gallagher at a health fair that was held at First African Baptist Church. I started a new program and relief started. I have been a patient of Dr. Gallagher now since then, starting out at three (3) times per week. The treatment I have received from my visits to him have been most beneficial. I started seeing a difference in my pain level after about two (2) weeks of treatments and it continues to improve. As of December 23, 2014, I have not taken any muscle relaxers and on December 31, 2014 I took my last pain pill. I have suffered greatly from withdrawals but that will/has passed. I am now totally off all pain medication and feel okay. I am not pain free but I am so much better than I was that I never want to return to the life of pain pills and drugs to feel good. There are still some days when I cannot do all that I would like to do but with rest I recover enough to go another day. Currently I am down to every other week now, under the care of Dr. Gallagher.

- Linda D. Bullock

After a severe back injury in 2013

My wife had been trying to get me to see Dr. Gallagher for the better part of a year. I had seen other chiropractic doctors before, but honestly I was not impressed very much.

By October 2014 the pain in my legs became so severe that I consented to see Dr. Gallagher. I had watched Dr. Gallagher treat my wife and daughter. I could not comprehend how he could possibly be doing them any good.

I am here to say I was wrong. Dr. Gallagher has got my legs and whole body feeling better than I have felt it in several years. In just three visits. Just when I was thinking it was time to throw in the towel, Dr. Gallagher got me back in the game.

-John G. Hodges

Gave me my life back!

When I first came to Dr. Gallagher's office, I had been in severe pain for six weeks and could barely walk at all. Within one week he had me walking again and being able to care for myself. He helped me understand so much about what my body was saying was wrong. I was almost convinced I had to have surgery on my back in order to be pain free. Thanks to Dr. Gallagher, that is not something that has to be done in order to be pain free. I will always be a regular patient of his in order to keep my body functioning properly. I feel like he has helped me give me put my life back in order to be able to care for myself and to enjoy life again!

- Judy B. Miles

Living with pain with Fusions

September 24, 2014

I have been living with many problems within my body.  Thirteen years ago I had a cervical bone fusion and it progressed well.  In the past year, my body was in constant pain from my neck and shoulders to my lower back.  I visited both of my physicians and one was a very qualified rheumatologist and was told that arthritis and fibromyalgia was the problem.  I do have both of these problems.  I was treated with many drugs.  None seemed to work and all of them had extreme side effects.

When I was the most desperate, I was told about Dr. Gallagher and his method of Chiropractic care.  Immediately I checked into the clinic.  My first diagnosis from Dr. Gallagher was the "atlas" was severely out of alignment.  Practically created by the fused bones in my neck and this was affecting my entire skeletal system. After the first treatment my "atlas" became immediately aligned.  Progress was on the way.

After 3 weeks I was getting off the medications and the pain began to subside.  God and Dr. Gallagher have a journey for me.  They have lots of problems to correct but their journey has already changed my life.

Look for an update!!

Terry F.

Chiropractic First patients speak about their Chiropractic success stories with Dr. Gallagher, Chiropractor. Chiropractic First has helped hundreds of patients, here are just a few of their kind words in testimonials.

Regaining Range of Motion in Neck

August 2011

It was Christmas 2003 and I woke up with a headache so bad I couldn't pick my head up off the pillow. After about 3 days I ended up in the hospital for 8 days with doctors unable to figure out what was wrong.

On day 4 of the hospital stay, they finally screened me for the flu (I never ran a fever so this hadn't been considered) and it was found that indeed this is what I had. However, even after the flu subsided, the headaches did not. I was incapacitated for about 9 months with headaches.

I saw internist, neurologist, psychologists, and massage therapist. NO one was able to make the headaches stop. Being a nurse, I was skeptical about Chiropractic treatment, but now I was desperate. I went to see one near my home and in the process discovered how stiff I had become. After several weeks of trying to get range of motion back in my neck, he finally sent me to Dr. Gallagher.

With his “Atlas Orthogonal” method, Dr. Gallagher finally restored the range of Motion back to my neck and the headache decreased to where I was finally able to function. As time went, I got busy with my life and hadn’t continued to follow-up with Dr. Gallagher.

It’s been 5 years. I still see a massage therapist and a couple of months ago he made a comment about my neck being stiff again. I had noticed an increase of my headaches. Putting the two together, I knew that Dr. Gallagher was the one person who could fix this. So, I am back and Dr. Gallagher once again has restored the range of motion back to my neck.

Thank you Dr. Gallagher!

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Patient with Long-term Jaw Pain and Sleeplessness

July 19, 2010

Dr. Gallagher,

I wanted to express my gratitude and let you know how grateful I am that you were able to help me!

When I came to your office, I was at 16 months of not eating foods that required any chewing and severe jaw pain. I had been to countless dentists, Drs, and clinics which tried to help me, but I was still not better. After all this time I was taking many medications, narcotics, muscle relaxers, etc. Plus, receiving dental work and therapy with no relief. One week prior to coming to your office I was in a very dark place and was desperate with God to please show me something that would help, and felt completely hopeless.

My friend Carrie recommended I see a chiropractor that specialized with the activator and the Atlas, I very reluctantly agreed to go…

After just one treatment I felt totally different! I left your office and slept wonderfully (had not slept good in 16 months or more!!!), I awoke to find my jaw pain completely gone and I can now eat regular food.

Praise God and thank you so much Dr. Gallagher!!

Becky C.

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14 Year Old Student with Hearing Difficulty

Ami was having difficulty hearing, her greatest difficulty was hearing school mates in social situations. This was a new problem that came on fairly rapidly. In the past Ami has had problems from TMJ that put pressure on the auditory nerve. That gave us hint of what to look for. The loss of hearing was very frustrating and isolating to Ami.

Within the first Chiropractic visit Ami began to have some improvement. The problem has been alleviated in less than four visits, and now just doing some maintenance. Money well spent not to have permanent damage and to allow a teen to be part of the laughs with the gang again.

Laura H.

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Where's The Pain?

Back in August of 2009 I had a bad fall while cleaning our garage and felt the results in my hips and sacrum for weeks afterward. Though fully functional I was in pain walking and trying to sleep. My neighbor recommended chiropractic care and specifically Dr. Gallagher. I had always viewed chiropractic with some degree of skepticism. But, I knew “in my bones” that the time was right.

I had no idea what that first appointment would be like, but I knew that the discomfort I had been plagued with needed treatment. Dr. Gallagher’s gentle, professional demeanor reassured me.

The exam as well as x-rays revealed an imbalance and because I wanted a non-invasive protocol if possible I decided that chiropractic was, indeed, the choice that was right for me. I would be committing to 18 treatments of 3 times per week, then two, then one over a space of three months.

In the beginning I felt great curiosity as to what was happening when Dr. Gallagher asked me to move my body in certain ways. He was “reading” my bones and muscles. I learned that there were certain old habits that I could modify or eliminate that would help my body heal and compliment the treatments at Chiropractic First. The first couple of weeks saw my discomfort diminish, but not disappear. Then, gradually, I was more consistently pain free.

I will soon complete my treatments. I have been pain free for nearly a month. The incredible discomfort that filled my days and nights is gone. I wake up in the morning almost “listening” for the ache across my hips and sacrum. It is gone. The new x-rays show change that even I can see and understand.

Where’s the pain? The pain is gone. Thank you, Dr. Gallagher

Pamela S.

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Bells Palsy never returned after Chiropractic care

When I was in my senior year of high school, I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy. The entire right side of my face was paralyzed. With just a few weeks until the senior prom, I was devastated by the condition.

The doctor told my parents there was nothing he could do, and advised them to take me to a neurologist for evaluation. My parents did not have health insurance, nor could they afford the cost of a neurologist.

While they were trying to figure out what to do, my Grandmother, who had been seeing a Chiropractor for back issues, sneaked me out and took me to her Chiropractor. She had to sneak because Chiropractic was frowned upon by nearly all doctors at that time (1970). I saw the chiropractor 3 times a week for the next two weeks, and by the end of the second week, the paralysis was gone.

Since then, I have always gone to a chiropractor FIRST when having any kind of issues.

Oh - the Bells Palsy has never returned, Praise the Lord!

Linda H.

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Head on straight

Good Afternoon, Dr. Gallagher ...

I was thinking about you this morning and wanted to write a quick note. Remember me? One of your complex cases? It has been a long time since I’ve talked with you.

First of all, thank you so much for what you did for me! I want to let you know that I have not had a major headache since seeing you. What you did to “get my head on straight” made such a huge difference in my life that I will always remember and appreciate you. I’m still working on that long list of goals that I showed you when I first came into your office (the goals on getting completely healthy and reducing stress), chipping away at them. Time is short right now and I’m still as busy as can be, but I would like to take some time to write a letter that you can use however you wish to use it. I’ll try to get it to you within the next week or two.

Thank you again for everything! You were a life saver at a time when I desperately needed help and relief from pain.

Warm regards, Sheree

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Four year hearing loss restored

For years I couldn’t hear out of my right ear as well as I could hear out of my left. I had also suffered from regular headaches, after Dr. Gallagher adjusted my atlas, I’ve regained all hearing in my right ear and I haven’t experienced another headache.

Amber L.

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Chronic joint pain removed

I came to Dr. Gallagher suspicious and unbelieving. I have been to numerous (14) chiropractors. All had great promises that I would just come as for to avoid surgery.

One told me that because of gravity I would have to come in monthly for the rest of my life.

I can honestly say that because of Dr. G’s system, detail, skill and training I no longer have neck, elbow or knee pain. I highly recommend him to anyone who has had chronic pain and is discouraged that this really does help.

Karen P.

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