Besides being a licensed chiropractor I am also certified as an Atlas Orthogonalist (AO). Atlas Orthogonal is a group within the chiropractic profession. There are approx. six hundred doctors worldwide who are certified in this field. By my peers, within that group, I was given the award “Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor of the Year”. I was presented with the award while at an Advanced AO seminar in Phoenix AZ this March.

Dr. Roy Sweat, the inventor and founder of AO, wrote the foreword to my book, ‘Is Your Head on Straight?’. In 2019, I established a non-profit research foundation to study the effects of AO care and used Dr. Sweat’s namesake in creating the” R. W. Sweat Foundation NC Chapter”.

I was fortunate to be the last doctor to be picked by Dr. Roy Sweat. Unfortunately, on 1/2/22 he passed away. As such it is truly humbling and I am honored to receive this award.

Presented by Dr. Matthew Sweat, the son of the founder.

Posing with the AO Board members, Dr.s Angelo Colvaita, Board Pres. Dennis Fiorini, myself, and Matt Sweat.