• Worried that, after all that medical care following the accident, your daily life continues to be filled with that nagging pain at the base of your skull? You know that something is not right.
  • Not happy with the option of taking medicine to numb the pain, yet still having to deal with those debilitating migraines?
  • Sick and tired of having to have to rely on a bottle of pills to sustain anything close to a “normal” life?

If any of the above statements describe you, this book authored by Goldsboro chiropractor Patrick Gallagher may be for you!


Inside this book you will learn about a special procedure that realigns the top bone in your neck (atlas), which surrounds your brainstem. When the atlas is misaligned, the patient experiences a wide spectrum of pain and discomfort ranging from debilitating headaches and migraines to vertigo that puts the patient on the ground.

This is a technique so specialized that out of 60,000 chiropractic physicians, only 1% is board-certified in this line of care. If you’re looking for relief from nagging pain without drugs, this book may hold the answer.

In these pages, you will discover more than a dozen cases where miraculous changes occurred in the lives of patients by having their heads literally put back on straight.

If you or someone you love is suffering from head trauma, check out this book.